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Solar and Battery Rebates are Available in Victoria, Australia

As the world moves towards renewable energy sources, solar and battery power systems have become increasingly popular in Victoria, Australia. The Victorian government is encouraging both businesses and homeowners to switch to solar power by offering attractive rebates. In this blog, we will discuss the solar and battery rebates available in Victoria, Australia, for both businesses and homes.

Solar Panel rebates for homes:
The Victorian government has announced a new solar rebate scheme for homes in 2023, which offers rebates of up to $1,400 for eligible households. To qualify for the rebate, households must meet certain criteria, such as:

  • The property must be valued at under $3 million
  • The household income must be below $180,000 per annum
  • The household must not have previously received a solar panel rebate
  • The solar panel system must have a capacity of up to 10kW
  • The rebate will be paid directly to the solar panel provider, reducing the upfront cost for homeowners.

Solar battery rebate for home:
In addition to the solar panel rebate, the Victorian government is also offering rebates for home battery systems. The rebate for home battery systems is up to $2,950, depending on the size of the battery system. The battery system must be installed with a solar panel system to qualify for the rebate.

Solar Panel rebates for businesses:
The Victorian government is also offering rebates for businesses that install solar panel systems. The rebate for businesses is up to $3,500 per kilowatt of solar installed, with the option to take benefit of an interest-free loan of up to $5,000. To qualify for the rebate, businesses must have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and must not have previously received a solar rebate.

All entity types, including nonprofits and charitable organizations, are qualified for the solar for business incentives as long as they complete the requirements listed below:

  • Be the owner of a company with fewer than 50 full-time equivalents (FTE) employees and at least one employee, excluding the owner.
  • Run operations from non-residential locations.
  • Use separately metered space for operations
  • Have never received a Solar for Business rebate in the past
  • Follow the instructions on Solar Victoria's website and have your system installed by a solar vendor that is approved by Solar Victoria.
  • Construct a solar array using an inverter with a maximum capacity of 30kW from the list of products that Solar Victoria has certified.

"Solar power is not just about renewable energy, it is about generating a sustainable future." - Klaus Töpfer